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bellamore ...
Selasa, 22 November 2011 | 11.38 | 1 comments
aaa barusan aja baca novel judulnya "bellamore, a beautiful love to remember", astagaa, bagus men! kata2 nya, juga keren2, aku recomendasi-in buat kalian2 yg lagi galau :p :

ini ada contoh puisi yg gilaa, kerenn!, check it out :

Mia cara, bellissima Lanavera *
      they said that it is love when all you want is that person to be happy, even if you are not part of their happiness. so i guess it is trult love that i've been feeling for you for all i want is to see you happy
       I can not give you the kind of love that you've been searching all these times. you deserve someone who could be there for you in those coming years, and make every little details of your dreams comes true. someone who could grow old together with you, laugh with you and wipe your tears away through good and bad times.
        and for some reasons i knew i could never be that person for you. your happiness is my only consideration, and that is the real reason why i have to let you go. cerca di capire, please try to understand that....
          just remember that i will always love you ----- ti amo, di un amore cbe non morira---. and please promise me one thing, promis me that you will find your own true love no matter what happen. be happy with him. be happy for me :)

                                                                   arrivederci amore mio.. **
                                                                   son two sempre .... ***

keterangan :
* = my dear beautiful Lanavera (lanavera means nama orang)
** = goodbye my love
*** = i'm yours always

P.S --> kapan aku dapet beginian?

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